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Another characters are ranked from S to C which doesn't consider their role in the series, but their appearance. The better you look, the higher the grade. Mei holds the highest grade, S, meaning she has been voted the prettiest/best looking of all characters. Also, only the characters from 9th Grade Class 3 are ranked. Mei is voted as the only S in the series and Kouichi is voted as the highest in the boys holding an A+ record along with Yuuya Mochizuki, Makoto Ouji, and Tomohiko Kazami.

Sorted RankingsEdit

(S) characters- Girls

  1. Misaki Mei

(S) characters- Boys

  1. None

(A+) characters- Girls

  1. Izumi Akazawa
  2. Yumi Ogura
  3. Yukari Sakuragi
  4. Haruka Etou

(A+) characters- Boys

  1. Kouichi Sakakibara
  2. Yuuya Mochizuki
  3. Kazami Tomohiko
  4. Makoto Ouji

(A) characters- Girls

  1. Takako Sugiura
  2. Matsuko Arita
  3. Aya Ayano
  4. Aki Matsui
  5. Megumi Tatara
  6. Kazue Satou
  7. Sachiko Nakajima

(A) characters- Boys

  1. Naoya Teshigawara
  2. Yukito Tsuji
  3. Manabu Maejima
  4. Shingeki Yonemura
  5. Takeru Mizuno

(B) characters- Girls

  1. Kyouko Kaneki
  2. San Watanabe
  3. Naomi Fujimaki

(B) characters- Boys

  1. Junta Nakao
  2. Kenzou Kawahori

(C) characters- Girls

  1. Sayuri Kakinuma

(C) characters- Boys

  1. Ikuo Takabayashi
  2. Noboru Saruta
  3. Daisuke Wakui


1. Mei Misaki S
2. Izumi Akazawa A+
3. Yumi Ogura A+
4. Yukari Sakuragi A+
5. Haruka Etou A+
6. Takako Sugiura A
7. Matsuko Arita A
8. Aya Ayano A
9. Aki Matsui A
10. Megumi Tatara A
11. Kazue Satou A
12. Sachiko Nakajima A
13. Kyouko Kaneki B
14. San Watanabe B
15. Naomi Fujimaki B
16. Sayuri Kakinuma C


1. Kouichi Sakakibara A+
2. Yuuya Mochizuki A+
3. Tomohiko Kazami A+
4. Makoto Ouji A+
5. Naoya Teshigawara A
6. Yukito Tsujii A
7. Manabu Maejima A
8. Shigeki Yonemura A
9. Takeru Mizuno A
10. Junta Nakao B
11. Kenzou Kawahori B
12. Ikuo Takabayashi C
13. Noboru Saruta C
14. Daisuke Wakui C

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