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Do you remember?

—Izumi Akazawa

Izumi Akazawa
Vital statistics
Romaji Name Akazawa Izumi
Kanji Name 赤沢泉美
Birth Date January 1983
Age 15
Gender Female
Eyes Reddish Brown
Hair Reddish Brown
Height 165 cm
Affiliation Class Officer
Status Deceased(Novel & Anime) Alive(Manga)
Occupation Student
Relatives Kazuma Akazawa
First appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 4
Anime Debut Episode 1
Seiyuu Madoka Yonezawa

Izumi Akazawa is the head of countermeasures and later on becomes the Class Officer of Class 3-3 of 1998 at Yomiyama North Middle School. She is in the drama club with Aya Ayano and Yumi Ogura. She has an older brother named Kazuma Akazawa.


Izumi's appearance in the manga.
She has long reddish-brown hair that she wears in pigtails held up by two blue ribbons, and brown eyes.  She is typically seen wearing the school's standard uniform, though she has worn different outfits - a pink-and-white dress in Episode 6 and a red blouse with a white miniskirt in episode 8. Her hair is shorter in the manga, though it's worn in the same style.


Izumi is the straightforward, unabashed and strong leader of the Countermeasures at Yomiyama Middle School's 3rd year class. She has a bit of a tsundere personality. Izumi is impulsive and irascible, even though she puts on a show of being tough she is actually rather fragile and can be shown to have a tender side. She seems to hate Mei  and even goes as far as to blame her for the deaths of the students. She also seems to dislike Kouichi, until it was revealed near the end that she was fond of him.


As the disaster prevention section in the 3-3 class, she was obliged to find ways to avoid the curse plaguing the class. Izumi's hand is said to be able to recall the impressions of anyone who once shook hands with her.


At the very first day of the school year (before Kouichi transferred), Izumi volunteered herself to be the head of countermeasures for Class 3-3, saying that she can never allow the phenomenon to happen again.

In Episode 1, Izumi visits Kouichi along with Kazami and Sakuragi. Like the others, she hesitates to tell Kouichi about the class' curse after Sakuragi's death, a decision she comes to regret later.

In Episode 4, she can be seen with Teshigawara in the background when they hear a huge crash through Kouichi's cell phone (which was Sanae Mizuno's elevator collapsing.) She holds a grudge against Mei and Kouichi for ignoring the rules and turning the countermeasures useless, causing the deaths to continue.

Izumi cried
Izumi cries
Dara-chan25Added by Dara-chan25
In Episode 7, after she witnessed Mr. Kubodera's death, she confronted Kouichi and the others on the rooftop. Later on, Izumi meets up with Kouichi, Teshigawara and Mochizuki in Inoya Cafe. They acquired information about Katsumi Matsunaga and decided to look for him for help to solve the calamity.

In Episode 8, the team went out of Yomiyama to look for Matsunaga and they had fun at the beach while waiting for his call. At the end of the episode, they witness Junta Nakao's death on shore.

In Episode 9, after Nakao's funeral she walks the still-shaken Takako Sugiura home.

Kouichi protects Mei and Izumi, even after getting a hard kick between his legs
In Episode 10, at the beginning of the episode, Izumi dreams of the day she met Kouichi, while mourning her brother's death. During the first dinner the class trip, she gave a speech on the curse issue, demanding an apology from Mei for allowing the deaths to continue. The confrontation is cut short by Daisuke Wakui 's asthma attack, and he's sent to the hospital.
Izumi surprised
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In Episode 11, she talks about Mei's past with Takako. Later when Kouichi and the others are in the hall, she heard the ruckus and went to check. They heard a scream and Izumi recognized Takako's voice. They hurried up to Izumi's room and found the door stained with blood. Takako was missing, but she later appears with a blade and tries to kill Mei. Izumi was shocked and was pushed to the side. Takako later escapes and Izumi tells Kouichi and Mei about how she, as the head of countermeasures, had to listen to the tape. A few seconds later, Takako broadcasts the tape and tells everyone that Mei is the dead one, asking everyone to kill her. At the end of the episode, Izumi finds Kouichi and Mei with Takako's dead body. She was shocked and terrified. Izumi misunderstood the situation, thinking that Mei killed Takako. She shouted at Mei angrily, telling her that she was going to kill her.

In Episode 12, when Kazami attempts to kill Kouichi, Izumi steps in to save Kouichi and hits Kazami with a metal rod, knocking him unconscious. She then attempts to deal a fatal blow to Kazami
Izumi crying
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as she believes Kazami does not deserve to live for murdering two classmates. However, she was stopped by Chibiki-Sensei as he feels classmates should not kill each other and Izumi runs off. Later, she finds Mei and attempts to kill her. However, Kouichi stops her to protect Mei and attempts to reason with her. She ignores him and says that she must kill Mei to end the calamity and protect everyone. When Izumi finally gets a hold of Mei, Kouchi knocks Izumi off of her then restraining her to prevent her from attacking Mei. Feeling the emotion of both anger and sadness she knee-jabs him in the groin then hits him the her metal rod causing him to fall backwards on Mei. Tears in her eyes, she shouts at him saying why he was protecting Mei and that all she wanted to do was protect him and everyone else. Asking if he had some sort of deathwish she angrily suggested  to him too (however being realistic heres he cannot because Kouchi was obviously stronger then her in terms of strength) , but at that moment, lightning strikes. The lightning shatters the hall's giant window, and large glass shards are sent flying towards them. Izumi ends up being skewered against the wall by
Telling Kouichi the story
Izumi's death
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the glass shards. Kouichi, shocked, removes her from the wall. While lying on the floor bleeding, Izumi tells Kouichi that they had actually met before, one and a half years ago. She was upset over the loss of her brother and kicked a can from the top of the riverbank, which hit Kouichi who was down below. She rushed down to apologize but tripped and fell and had to be helped up by Kouichi. She asks whether Kouichi remembers this and he replies that he doesn't. Disappointed that he doesn't remember, she tells him that he should at least pretend to remember before she dies. As such, she dies, Kouichi escaping as the entire building buries her in the rubble.


Kouichi SakakibaraEdit

Izumi first seems intrigued by Kouichi as she feels that they have met before. Izumi had held suspiscions that Kouichi was the dead student at one point. When informed of Kouichi asking about Mei Misaki, she vaguely warns him and shows signs of beginning to dislike him. However later on in the series she begins to like him and appreciates his presence. In Episode 11, Takako revealed that Izumi was actually fond of him despite her somewhat cold actions towards him.

Mei MisakiEdit

Prior to Episode 9, Izumi seemed more or less indifferent to Mei although it is not exactly known how she truly feels about her due to Mei being the "non-existent" student. As of Episode 9, Izumi appears to dislike Mei, possibly because she blames Mei for starting the calamity. The reason for this being is that Izumi may believe that Mei could have resisted Kouichi's attempts to talk to her, but didn't. In the manga Izumi stabbed Mei's left eye (the artificial one; the doll eye; the green one).

Naoya TeshigawaraEdit

Izumi, after hearing of Teshigawara's promises to explain the history of Class 3 to Kouichi without her permission gives off the impression that she sees him as an idiot. Izumi also does not seem to return his feelings towards him and views him as annoying and often calls him a jerk.

Yukari SakuragiEdit

Izumi and Yukari were shown to be good friends since they were young. In the manga, Izumi cared a lot about Yukari and she blames Kouichi and Mei for Yukari's death as they ignored the class rules, causing the calamity to happen. She was seen in one of the chapters crying for Yukari to save her as she does not want to die. Also in the manga, a picture of her and Yukari is shown on her desk.

Takako SugiuraEdit

Izumi and Takako are shown to be good friends and she seems to care a lot for Takako. In Episode 11, after seeing Takako's death, she was angry over Mei as she misunderstood that Mei killed Takako. She shouted out that she will kill Mei.

Kazuma AkazawaEdit

Kazuma Akazawa is Izumi's cousin but they were raised as siblings. Her brother was mentally unstable and often locked himself in his room. He is yet to make an appearance in the anime, although his name was seen in the Class 3-3 list of 1996. At Chapter 17 of the manga, Kazuma commits suicide by hanging himself in his room. She was devastated after his death.


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  • "Don't judge a book by its cover."
  • "Let me apologize in advance. I'm sorry. But this is for all of us. Forgive us."
  • "Honestly, I miss one day of school, and this is what happens?!"
  • "Misaki...Mei...I'll kill you!"
  • "You're supposed to say you remember, even if it's not true..."
  • "It's your fault."
  • "We're the same."


  • She is ranked A+ in Another characters ranking.
  • Her first name, Izumi, means fountain or spring.
    Another 87
    Izumi character ranking.
  • Her home address is 1-1 Akatsukicho Yomiyama City.
  • In the original novel, Akazawa is a minor character that doesn't appear until page 256. While she is mentioned periodically, the first speaking lines she has isn't until her confrontation with Mei at the Sakitani Kinenkan near the conclusion of the book. Izumi dies in the original novel.
  • She shares a room with Takako Sugiura during the class trip.
  • Izumi resembles Rise Kujikawa with her pigtails from Persona 4.
  • In the manga, she tried to kill Mei, stabbing her left eye. A moment later, a cupboard fell on her, and she was rescued by Tatsuji Chibiki afterward. During this time, Mei disappeared, leaving the scene. Izumi later regretted her attempt to kill Mei. She was seen in the last chapter at the hospital, where she had cut her hair shorter.
  • In the anime it is revealed that she is fond of Kouichi and calls him as "Kouichi-kun".
  • Izumi's hand is said to be able to recall the impression of someone who once shook hands with her.
  • She survived in the Manga. However she dies in both the Novel and Anime.
  • Izumi is the first of three people that the audience can see the color of death on in Mei's POV. The second being Reiko Mikami and the third being Misaki Fujioka (Though chronologically she was the first.)
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