Kensaku Numata
Kanji 沼田 健作
Romanji Numata Kensaku
Personal Information
Born Around 1938
Age 60+
Gender Male
Height 168 cm
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Gray
Occupation Owner
Family Ikuo Takabayashi (Grandson)

Keiko Numata (Wife)

Vital Information
Affiliation Sakitani Kinenkan Owner
Status Deceased
First appearance
Manga -
Anime Episode 10
Voice Actors
Japanese N/A
English N/A

Kensaku Numata was Ikuo Takabayashi's grandfather and Keiko Numata's husband. He is the proprietor of Sakitani Kinenkan along with his wife.


Kensaku is an old man with very short gray hair, black eyes and gray mustache. He wears a purple shirt and a yellow apron, like his wife.


He seemed to be a serious and rational old man.


He made his debut in the anime in Episode 10 when he welcomes a part of 9th Grade Class 3 who came at the Yomiyama Shrine to pray for their safety, hoping this action will stop the calamity, along with Keiko, his wife. The class accommodated at their restaurant-pension.

In Episode 11, he was killed by his wife with knifes stabbed into his body, witnessed by Mochizuki and Teshigawara.She later sets fire in the dining room leads to the deaths of Takako Suguira and Makoto Ouji


  • In the original novel he is killed by his wife with a knife. The reason is unknown.


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