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Izumi's Death

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This list contains the deaths of 'Another"(WARNING, SPOILERS!!!)


Misaki Fujioka: Died from leukemia

Yukari Sakuragi: Impaled in the neck by an umbrella

Ikuo Takabayashi: Suffered a heart attack

Aya Ayano: Plunged over the side of a cliff

Yumi Ogura: Neck broken while landing awkwardly

Jun Hamaguchi: Struck by lightning

Yuki Hoshikawa: Fell of a mountain cliff

Sanae Mizuno: Crushed by an elevator

Atsushi Ogura: Crushed by a excavator

Shoji Kubodera: Slicing himself in the neck with a knife

Aki Matsui: Penetrated in the back of neck by a knife

Kyouko Kaneki: Stabbed in the back by knife

Makoto Ouji: Incinerated by fire

Kenzou Kawahori: Crushed by a pillar

Junta Nakao: Chopped to pieces by boat

Takako Sugiura: Strangled by electrical cables

Tomohiko Kazami: Hit In the head by an iron rod

Izumi Akazawa: Skewered against the wall by glass shards

Reiko: Killed by pickaxe

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