Mami Asakura was a student at Class 3-3 of 1993 and 1996 at Yomiyama North Middle School.


Mami never appears in the series; she is only mentioned by Tatsuji Chibiki in Episode 6. Tatsuji tells Kouichi and Mei that a girl named Mami Asakura died in the year of 1993, and that she was a student of Class 3-3. However, she came back as the Dead of the year of 1996, as a student of Class 3-3. The name and photo of Mami were erased from the list of students of Class 3-3 of 1993. After the 1996 graduation, Mami disappeared, and her name and photo appeared again at the list of students of Class 3-3 of 1993.

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