I'm sorry. It's just that I really like this kind of things.

—Ryoko Akiyama

Ryoko Akiyama
Kanji 秋山 涼子
Romaji Akiyama Ryoko
Personal Information
Born 1968
Age 15
Gender Female
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Occupation Student
Family unknown
Status Deceased
First appearance
Manga Chapter 1 (Another 0)
Anime none

Ryoko Akiyama was a Yomiyama North Middle School's student from the 3-3 Class of 1983 along with Reiko Mikami and Katsumi Matsunaga. She appears exclusively in the manga and never appears in the anime, and was never mentioned.


Ryoko has short straight black hair and black eyes. She wears the Yomiyama's North Middle School female standard uniform.


Ryoko seems to be a superficial and ironic girl. She claimed that she likes "that kind of thing", referring to the class curse. Also, Ryoko gathered informations about the curse and the calamity from ex-students from class 3-3 and researched about it and believes it, claiming that "a lot of students have died", even if she isn't affected by it. She is a joker person as she likes to scare Reiko with the curse. Ryoko was Reiko's best friend.


Ryoko appears in Another 0 manga. In the first page, she woke Reiko up from her sleep at school. Also, Ryoko usually is seen with Reiko at school, talking with her about the curse. Ryoko had insisted the curse was real, warning Reiko to be careful, before heading home, telling her she'd see her tomorrow.

Ryoko died at the end of Chapter 1 (Another 0) because of an accident in the way down the school, because of the 9th grade class 3 curse; as the first to die, this was the sign the curse had started.

When Reiko found out about her death she was devastated, and couldn't believe it that her friend was gone. At her funeral, Reiko said that Ryoko was her best friend since 1st year.


  • Reiko said that, at the time of her death, she was overcome with grief.
  • Her first name, Ryoko means "understanding child".
  • In her surname, Akiyama, "Aki"  means "autumn" and "Yama" is means "mountain".
  • Ryoko and Reiko were best friends since their first year of school.