That's enough dear. Let's call it a day.

—Tamie Mikami

Tamie Mikami
Kanji 三神 民恵
Romanji Mikami Tamie
Personal Information
Born {{{birth}}}
Age 60+
Gender Female
Height 5'2(155 cm)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Gray
Occupation Housewife
Family {{{family}}}
Vital Information
Affiliation -
Status Alive
First appearance
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Mizuka Arima
English Marcy Bannor

Tamie Mikami is Ryouhei's wife, Kouichi's grandmother and Reiko and Ritsuko's mother.


She has short, wavy gray hair and brown eyes. She is seen wearing an ochre shirt. In the manga, she has long straight white hair tied in a loose ponytail. It is shown that she has brown hair and the same hairstyle in younger days. In the manga, she has also brown hair and brown eyes but her hair is tied in a loop of hair.


Ms. Mikami is a gentle, kind, warm-hearted and peaceful grandmother.


She made her debut in Episode 1, making her first apperance sitting in a chair next to Kouichi's hospital bed, talking about how "great" it is that he started his life in Yomiyama in the hospital. In Another 0 manga chapters she informed Reiko about her best friend's death. She is usually seen talking to Kouichi and giving him information pertaining to Ritsuko and past events. Also, she is seen in the manga having dinner with Reiko and Kouichi. In Episode 10, Ms. Mikami appears in Ritsuko's old photos from her graduation.


  • Her first name, Tamie, mean "nation blessing".
  • Her last name, Mikami, means "three gods".


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