Date Event Image
April, 5 Kouichi comes in Yomiyama and is hospitalizedKouichihospitalized
April, 27 Misaki Fujioka dies from a kidney transplant ( in anime, from leukemia )


May, 1 The situation is debated in the class 3-3

517073-vlcsnap 2012 02 13 20h28m11s52

May, 4 Kouichi meets Mei in the hospital's elevator Kouichi and Mei
May, 5 Kouichi is discharged Another2231
May, 6 Kouichi returns to school and makes new friends Episode 3
May, 26 Mei enigmatically claims she is "something that doesn't exist," and can apparently only be seen by Kōichi
Yukari Sakuragi dies
Mieko Sakuragi , Yukari's mother, dies in a car accident


June, 2 Kōichi has lunch with Sanae to ask her thoughts on Mei and the story from 26 years ago
Kōichi once again goes to the puppet museum to see Mei, but she refuses to tell him the rest of the story

514316-picture 2

June, 3 Sanae Mizuno dies in an elevator
Kōichi is being interrogated by the police regarding Sanae's death
June, 6 News about Sanae's death came to school
Ikuo Takabayashi dies from a heart attack
515479-vlcsnap 2012 02 06 20h12m13s253
June, 7 Kouichi goes to Mei 's house Another - 05 - Large 32
June, 8 First day at school as non-existent students Mei eating
From June 9 to July, 12 Time spent as non-existent students Ep5
July, 13 Mr. Kubodera kills himself Another85

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