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I know things about you that even you don't know.

—Tomohiko Kazami

Tomohiko Kazami
Tomohiko Kazami
Vital statistics
Romaji Name Kazami Tomohiko
Kanji Name 風見智彦
Birth Date 1983
Age 15
Gender Male
Eyes Blue
Hair Dark Blue
Height 168 cm
Affiliation Class Officer
Status Deceased

(Alive in the manga and novel)

Occupation Student
Relatives Two Sisters (manga only)
First appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Seiyuu Mitsuhiro Ichiki

Tomohiko Kazami was one of the class officers of 9th Grade Class 3 in Kouichi Sakakibara's class, along with Yukari Sakuragi and later Izumi Akazawa.


He had a very serious attitude, especially about his work. Tomohiko was a calm and collected person. He was also pretty mature for his age. It is shown that he and Teshigawara have been best friends since they were children.


Kazami appearance in the manga.

Kazami appeared to have short, dark blue hair and blue eyes. He wears spectacles with green frames in the anime. In the manga, he has the same appearance; however, his glasses are oval-framed. In addition, he is usually seen wearing the school male standard uniform.


He visits the hospital in Episode 1 while Kouichi was sick, but seemed to act very strange around him, along with
Tomohiko (alongside with Izumi and Yukari) Visited Kouichi in the hospital
Sakuragi and Izumi. Since then he and Kouichi have been friends.

In Episode 10, Kazami went with the class to the class trip. He shares a room with Teshigawara.

In Episode 11, Teshigawara revealed that he thought Kazami is the dead person and went to confront him. During the talk, they began to fight and Teshigawara accidentally pushed Kazami over the balcony. Kazami was injured and blood was flowing from his head, Kazami did not die and instead he got back up and went back to the mansion. He looks for Mochizuki in his injured state.

In Episode 12, Kazami believes that Kouichi is the dead one and goes insane, killing Kyouko Kaneki and Aki Matsui from behind. When he tries to kill Kouichi saying that because of him Yukari is dead, Izumi knocked him out with an iron rod. She says he doesn't deserve to live as he killed two classmates, and when she's about to kill him saying that now he can follow Yukari in death, Izumi is stopped by Chibiki. However, Tomohiko dies later because of his injuries and Naoya seemed very affected by his death. 

In the manga, none of the events in the 12th episode of the anime took place and he remains alive after being saved by teshigawara and Kouichi. In the manga, Teshigawara had seeked help from Kouichi to finding Kazami's body after he had accidentally pushed him off of the cliff. They were glad to find that Kazami was still alive and took him back towards the lodge(s) to find medical attention for his injuries. They had also found out that he wasn't the "extra person/casualty." 


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  • He is ranked A+ in Another character ranking.
  • Another 90
    Kazami character ranking.
    His home address was 3-8 Yuumigaoka Yomiyama City.
  • In the original novel, Kazami has a slightly larger role. Many of the actions given to Izumi in the anime were his in the novel (such as shaking Kouichi's hand at the hospital).
  • It is shown that Kazami is fond of Yukari, as in Episode 12, he blames Kouichi for Yukari's death.
  • In the novel and manga, Kazami does not die. He survived the fall from the cliff and later seen in hospital together with Mochizuki with a broken leg.
  • In the manga Tomohiko has two sisters. Who were both infatuated with Yuuya.
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