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I know things about you that even you don't know.

—Tomohiko Kazami

Tomohiko Kazami
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Vital statistics
Romaji Name Kazami Tomohiko
Kanji Name 風見智彦
Birth Date 1983
Age 15
Gender Male
Eyes Indigo
Hair Dark Blue
Height 168 cm
Affiliation Class Officer
Status Deceased (Anime)

(Alive in all other adaptions)

Occupation Student
Relatives Two Sisters (manga only)
First appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut "Rough Sketch"
Seiyuu Mitsuhiro Ichiki (Japanese)
Josh Grelle (English)

Tomohiko Kazami was one of the class officers of 9th Grade Class 3 in Kouichi Sakakibara's class, along with Yukari Sakuragi and later Izumi Akazawa after Yukari's death.


He visits the hospital in "Rough Sketch" while Kouichi was sick, but seemed to act very strange around him, along with

Tomohiko, along with Izumi and Yukari, visit Kouichi in the hospital.

his fellow class rep Yukari and the countermeasures head, Izumi. He was among the students who officially welcomed Kouichi on his first day of school, but because he needed permission from Izumi, he and Naoya didn't tell him about the curse.

Tomohiko was more often than not a background character from then on out. When Izumi declared the class needed to ignore Kouichi in addition to Mei, he was one of the students who did so. Following this developement and the death of Yukari, he became more closely involved with countermeasures, and was occasionally seen accompanying Izumi and Takako on breaks. Tomohiko attended the class trip to the shrine in Episode 10, where he shared a room with Naoya.

When Daisuke Wakui had his asthma attack, Tomohiko was one of the students who tried to assist him. Shaken by this, he and the other students returned to their rooms. In Episode 11, Naoya burst into Mei's room and revealed he'd thought Kazami was the dead person, and went to confront him, as Tomohiko didn't remember a lot of their shared childhood. The confrontation turned heated, and Teshigawara accidentally pushed Kazami over the balcony. Kazami was injured and blood was flowing from his head. However, when Naoya tried to show his friends where Tomohiko had fallen, he'd vanished, having regained consciousness and returned to the inn.

Running back into his room, he finds Mochizuki and the tape recorder. Mochizuki tells Kazami about how to get rid of the extra and in "Stand By Oneself", he begins targeting his classmates, killing Kyouko Kaneki and Aki Matsui by stabbing them from behind. After murdering Aki, he encountered Kouichi, who was infuriated by the senseless deaths. Undisturbed by his actions, Tomohiko simply attacked Kouichi next, accusing him of being the extra, but equally furious as he held Kouichi responsible for Yukari's death. Just before he could deal the final blow to Kouichi, however, he was killed by Izumi, who hit him in the head with an iron rod. Having already encountered Tomohiko's victims, Izumi was furious, declaring he didn't deserve to live, and coldly taunted Tomohiko, telling him he could keep Yukari company as he didn't deserve to live. However, before the blow could land, Chibiki intervened and admonished Izumi, as classmates shouldn't be killing each other. Furious, Izumi fled, planning to hunt down Mei and avenge her other friends, with Kouichi in pursuit. Chibiki took Tomohiko's body out to his car where he'd been gathering the other survivors, not realizing Tomohiko was already past help. Naoya was horrified to learn of Tomohiko's death.

In the manga, none of the events in the 11th and 12th episode of the anime took place, and he remains alive and sane after being saved by Teshigawara and Kouichi. In the manga, Teshigawara had sought help from Kouichi to finding Kazami's body after he had accidentally pushed him off of the cliff. They were glad to find that Kazami was still alive and took him back towards the lodge(s) to find medical attention for his injuries. They had also found out that he wasn't the "extra person/casualty." 



Tomohiko, before his insanity.

Tomohiko was a calm and collected person. He was also pretty mature for his age, and has a very serious attitude, especially about his work. He and Teshigawara have been best friends since they were children, and he seems to have a crush on Yukari Sakuragi, as hinted when he blames Kouichi for her death, and Tomohiko's unease whenever she's around. Tomohiko seems to have been jealous of Yukari's relationship with Kouichi, as he used her death as justification for attacking him at the inn, accusing him of being the Extra and blaming him for the year's calamity. However, since he murdered two other people before, it's likely this was only an excuse.



Tomohiko introduces himself in the manga.

Kazami appeared to have short, dark blue hair and blue eyes. He wears spectacles with green frames in the anime. In the manga, he has the same appearance; however, his glasses are oval-framed, and his hair darker. In addition, he is usually seen wearing the school male standard uniform.


  • "These days high school acceptance rates are over 95% all over Japan, so don't worry. There's a high school out there even you could get into."


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  • He is ranked A+ in Another character ranking.
  • Another 90

    Kazami character ranking.

    His home address was 3-8 Yuumigaoka Yomiyama City.
  • In the original novel, Kazami has a slightly larger role. Many of the actions given to Izumi in the anime were his in the novel (such as shaking Kouichi's hand at the hospital).
  • Tomohiko had a crush on Yukari, but it is never shown whether he acted on his feelings. He blamed Kouichi for her death, and used it as justification for attempting to kill him at the inn.
  • In all adaptations except the anime, Kazami does not die. He survived the fall from the cliff and later seen in hospital together with Mochizuki with a broken leg. In the live action film, he protects Takako from a deranged Izumi, ensuring they both survive the fire at the inn.
  • In the manga Tomohiko has two sisters who were both infatuated with Yuuya.
  • In the dubbed version of the anime, Naoya affectionately refers to Tomohiko as "Four Eyes" because of his glasses.
  • Kazami is the only character to appear on the cover of Another Song Party but to not have his voice actor to sing a song.
  • Tomohiko's personality varies drastically between adaptions. In the original novel, he's portrayed as a somewhat unsure and cowardly individual; in the manga he has a more rational demeanor and is generally calmer; the anime version, which has the smallest role, is a vicious, remorseless murderer; oddly, his film incarnation is the most heroic of the four, as he refuses to participate in Izumi's witch-hunt and ultimately saves another student's life in the process.

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