Yukito Ayatsuji
Another 143
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Personal Information
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Age 54
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Occupation Manga Writer
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Vital Information
Affiliation Mystery/Suspense Author
Status -
First appearance
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Yukito Ayatsuji is the original creator of Another. He is a famous mystery writer of Japanese detective fiction. He demands the restoration of the classic rules of detective fiction and the use of more self reflective elements.

Personal lifeEdit

He is married to Fuyumi Ono, author of The Twelve Kingdoms and creator of Ghost Hunt, Juuni Kokuki, and Shiki, as well as several other manga.

Yukito Ayatsuji's Notable WorkEdit




  • Museum Series
  • Series Whisper
  • Fletch Series
  • Killer Series
  • Series Midoro Hill

Non Series:Edit

  • Another
  • Yue Fog Murder House
  • Freaks (Collection :Patient room number five hundred sixty-four/Freaks of room four hundred and nine patients/Room number three hundred and thirteen patients with hand-incubus).
  • Bridge, and fell rapidly (Collection: Bridge, fell steadily forest/Burned Bobo/Ferrari is surprising culprit).


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